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Himalayan Salt Nightlight

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Special Material: salt lamp is made from Natural Himalayan salt crystals hand mined in the himalayan mountains  
Air Purifier: Himalayan salt lamps purify the air to provide you with air that is healthy and easy for breathing by clearing natural allergens such as: smoke, pet dander, pollens, and other harmful pollutants.
Safe and Convenient: 360 degree adjustable-- plugs right into the wall with no cords 
Creates a unique ambience: You'll feel peaceful and sleep well
Variety: You can even change the color of the bulb to give a different look of the lighting 
*The Himalayan salt lamps made and hand carved in Pakistan. 
The salt is heated with the (included) 15 watt bulb releases negative ions into the air, creating an effect similar to an ionizer, purifying the surrounding air. 
This process is enhanced by the natural process of NACL resulting in the production of negative ions which eliminate the positive ions which are present in our environment, produced by computers, refrigerators, televisions and more.   
Thus these lamps make the air: clean, fresh and healthy.