One-Eyed Owls

"Good Omen" Pillow Covers

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Grand expressions of the wisest birds in history. A unique collection indeed.     Take advantage of these extraordinary designs while they last. Suppliers judge when to stop the manufacturing.

"Perfect for covering old pillows you'd like to hide" 
Transform every room!

A woven linen-cotton blend pillow cover

The Good Omen is a phenomenon that foretells a positive future, signifying the advent of change. If you spot a raven or crow: crows are intuitive and clever and share the art of vision, prediction and foresight like the raven, but love crowds unlike the raven who prefers solitude. Together they are both guards and sentinels.
Wise Bird Symbolisms  


  • Handmade
  • Removable and Washable
  • Woven
  • 18 x 18in
  • No filling

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