Speaking to Empaths

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Speaking to Empaths

Empaths are mirrors into the world of sensitivity and inner sight. There is an otherworldiness about us. So overly mistunderstood often we are mistaken for something other than what we are.

Opening a portal into an empath experience:

Some years ago, I took part in a surreal gathering. It was composed of pagan naturistic spiritual-type people. We met outdoors in a park and moved into a secluded area to form a circle and clear energies. Negative energies were swept out of the circumference by a volunteer who used a literal broom, and words were spoken outwards into the open air. Soon, strange things started to happen. Animals stirred and started to gather all around us close by. Birds cawed and started clustering in trees surrounding us. We had created a high energy area that attracted all sorts of wildlife.

The ritual went on and each person spoke given their turn. Suddenly, a huge hawk flew smack through the middle of us, so low there was no mistaking what he held in his clutches.  He lifted up towards the opening between the trees heading into the daylit sky. The defenseless squirrel dangled back and forth while tightly fastened in the hawk's talons. I immediately merged with the squirrel's spirit feeling dismay and confusion and clearly envisioned the bitter fate that lie up ahead emotionally experiencing his entire tragedy. This vision mixed with emotion, set me off.  My reaction was so pronounced many watched me in my tear-strucked dismay. I was running towards him, begging for his mercy, crying and trying to contain myself at no avail. A few women came over to console me. I just couldn't hide the emotion running through me. It was the actual squirrel's energy I was expressing. To this day I still feel it. I still feel literal pain.

This is the empath and we experience an array of powerful reactions on a day to day basis. It's difficult if next to impossible to contain the astounding emotions we share with other beings.