Empaths, Telepathy & Animals

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Empaths, Telepathy & Animals

There is a telepathic element to empath's connections with animals. This goes much further than saying we have a simple emotional element between us. There are multiple levels of connection. I've even sensed other lifetime connections. It's through this sense and knowing that somehow we have an ability to intertwine with animals on deep penetrating levels.

Animals feel this, as you can see when spiritual masters can literally hug wild lions and put them instantly into a peaceful state.

A few years ago at a park in Stamford Connecticut, I was driving through with a few people and in the middle of the road there was a huge obstruction where a little boy was apparently in a chaotic panic. We stopped and got out. The storm the night before had weighed down an enormous Quaker Parrot nest that looked about 4 x4. The road was laden with eight or nine birds that were smashed by cars that never stopped to look. I had the boy rumage through everything with me until I was sure there wasn't one bird alive. But I found one. A little bird not moving had her head in the gutter and I sensed she was petrified. I immediately, but gently, cupped her in my hands as I softly spoke to her, nestled her into my chest, and she came home with me.



Fast forward to about a year later. On a certain day my cat opened the door and birdie flew right out. She was very confused on first open air contact, but when she realized where she was, flew off; I was shocked. Having been close to her and having taught her a particular call we used, I found her in a tree a few streets away. I coaxed her to follow me using the whistle. I taught her where the yard was.

After a few hours I had to go home and leave her in hopes she would be smart enough to find it. She showed up. But the sun was setting and being the bird's cue to go roost, she suddenly flew out of the yard and far enough away that my whistle didn't work.

The night was a sleepless endless one. First thing in the morning I ran out to see if she was around, no bird. Then suddenly she came flying down from over the trees from atop the hill and landed in our windy walnut tree. Birdie never liked anyone grabbing her with their hands, but she dropped herself off of the branch and landed on my foot and actually allowed me to pick her up and take her into the house. Now I can leave any window open and that happened once for two hours while I went shopping, but she never left.

I could communicate with her while she was gone and I had established a very strong bond with her.